Services Offered

It takes a village/team to heal a person. Our family is open to everyone of all ages, race and backgrounds.  We also offer a sliding scale fee for those that may need it. Please call or email us if you have any questions about any of these services.

Gua Sha Therapy ($30)

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese healing remedy used for over thousands of years. It is a modality that helps release toxins from the body by using a coin to scrape against the skin. We offer Gua Sha in its ancient form and it will leave marks for 2-3 days. It is not a cosmetic or therapeutic procedure for the face.

25-minute Intuitive Reading by Phone or In Person if you live in the Greater Seattle Area ($35)

55-minute Intuitive Reading by Phone or In Person ($65)

These readings can pick up the main energies and issues that weigh heaviest in your mind and give you current insights from all aspects of your life including : Your Image, Self-Esteem/Method of Income, Siblings/Neighbors/Co-workers, Home/Family, Romance/Creativity, Health/Diet/Fitness, Close/Intimate Relationships, Shared Resources/Sexuality, Travel/Higher Education, Career/Public, Wishes/Goals and Spirituality. This also pinpoints what areas in your life need attention, transformation and healing. You can have any number of questions that the time allows.


60-minute Psychic Mediumship Session in Person Only ($88)

This session allows me to help connect you with messages from your departed loved ones, pinpoint any hidden PTSD, trauma, coping mechanisms, inner childhood wounds, toxic patterns and/or other issues that may affect your overall lifestyle. I help bridge the gap between these hidden issues and your current behaviors to open up space for healing, understanding and ultimately get you back on a more healthier and fulfilling path in life.  In-Person sessions will be held in my office/studio in the Columbia City neighborhood in south Seattle, WA.


Event/Party or Private Group Readings ($95-$150)

I offer readings for individuals and their friends/families together as a group. I can attend your special event whether its a birthday, bachelorette party, business grand opening, super bowl, family barbecue, etc. You will need to email me:  first before booking an appointment with me.  I would love to know more details so I can best serve your event.  I also offer private group readings.  Please email me about specific locations and the amount of participants that will receive readings for exact pricing.