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Screenshot 2023-03-22 155150Screenshot 2023-03-22 155917Screenshot 2023-03-22 155228Screenshot 2023-03-22 155122Screenshot 2023-03-22 160353————————————————————————–“Hey Cindy,

 Am so thankful to have met you and discovered the amazing soul you are. You’ve this beautiful ability to know the energies of people and tell them things that are buried deep within their subconscious and they don’t know about it. Thus, bringing in consciousness wherever required. I also found through our association that you can just know about a the soul power of the person. Your gifts are deep & profound and as a healer you’re compassionate and kind, loving & transforming. Thank you for being there with me.” 



Life Coach/Manifestation Guide/Soul Communion Expert/Teacher/Author

“Cindy is a powerhouse in the areas of mediumship (connecting with departed loved ones), intuitive guidance, and the healing arts. As a teacher of Intuitive Development, it has been an honor to guide her development and to witness her read others. She goes deep, is incredibly insightful, and has a crystal clear connection. I am happy to recommend my own clients to Cindy as I know they will receive accurate readings aligned with the client’s best good. She is kind, funny, compassionate and spot on.”

Reese San Agustin

Psychic Medium/Intuitive Guide/Spiritual Coach

“For reasons I cannot say but this chick saw ALOT of things through her card readings.  She scared the crap out of me.  U need to make this a career.”


Client (Philadelphia, PA)

“Cindy helped guide me through several significant stages in my life. Her readings helped in my decision-making regarding finances and academics, and helped me to maintain a positive outlook in my life when I was unemployed. She is a very gifted and kind woman who goes above and beyond in her readings.”


Client (Seattle, WA)

“Through many years of having to embark on a self discovery journey, Cindy had significantly impacted my life through various ways. After turning to many professionals, friends and family, Cindy offers unique advice, perspectives and readings that shed light in my darkest moments. I can say she has gone through a lot and she is very honest with who she is as a intelligent, strong and independent woman.I suggest you to utilize her services that can potentially help you as well and even change your life as she did mines. I assure you, you won’t regret it!”


Client (Seattle, WA)

“You have helped me with feeling a lot less lost in my life, especially with accepting the reality of certain situations that I can’t change. It’s really helpful to see a different perspective surrounding my issues because I’m always thinking about it with only my point of view. With the new insights I received from your readings , it helped me move forward instead of staying stuck with the problems. When I was trying to runaway from a problem at work, you advised me to fight for my rights before making my final decision to leave. I learned how to wait out a situation instead of acting on impulse. I also learned how other people viewed me and it broke my heart but it was necessary to know in order to leave a chapter behind forever. I learned to move on without a happy ending but I discovered how to appreciate myself more because no one else did. Thank you for helping me narrow down what jobs to apply for and which jobs to let go of. It saved a lot of time and I found a really good job that I am happy with right now.”


Client (Seattle, WA)

“Cindy read my tarot yesterday and I’m still thinking about it! She was so thorough–explained what she was doing over the phone with the cards, discussed her process, and told me the topics that she’d cover. She then was able to give me some insight on my career and family, as well as nail several issues in my past right on the head. She is an herbalist, as well, so she was able to give me a few good tips to better health. A great experience-I definitely recommend.”


Client (Northern Virginia, VA)

“I won a free reading opportunity from Cindy and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Struggling with major life decisions, Cindy was able to pinpoint the energies surrounding my circumstances and describe my past, present, and future options with accuracy. She has given me a sense of peace with my situation and the ability to see things from a different perspective. As a psychic myself, sometimes I a unable to see my own path clearly due to my own attachments and blocks. Cindy was able to remove the roadblocks so that I can continue on with my journey with confidence and pride.
I will continue to look to her guidance in the future and I am grateful the universe connected us!”


Intuitive Coach/Reiki Practitioner (Long Island, NY)

“Thank you so much again for the reading! It was so accurate and enlightening love and light!”


Client (San Antonio, TX)

“Talking to you gave me new hope and perspective! This really came on a right timing. I am so grateful for this! My head is so full of worries and I am not sure of what will I do next. I really had high hopes after this reading! All you said was right. From the beginning when u said I have a hard time moving on a past love. It is true. I hope and pray positive opportunities will come true. Thank you so much!”


Client (Olongapo City, Phillippines)