Cindy Luc, Founder

Cindy was born and raised in the abundant and beautiful city of Seattle. She is an intuitive guide, clairvoyant, life coach and holistic wellness counselor. She comes from a long family line of clairvoyants that date back to IMG_3379 (2)the early indigenous islands such as Taiwan and the South Pacific where spirituality, shamanism and medicinal natural herbs were common practice. Due to traumatic events that transformed her life, Cindy left her 10-year legal career, 7-year marriage and sold her house in 2016 in order to pursue a more spiritual and fulfilling path.  She is deeply blessed to have awakened her clairvoyant abilities in this lifetime and to continue the ancestral lineage of assisting others on their spiritual journey and healing. Cindy specializes in uncovering and acknowledging deeply buried problems within a person’s life in order to promote transformation, healing and the unlocking of their life’s highest potential. She also helps guide others in reconnecting with their true authentic self and their passion(s) in order to create and manifest a vision of the best life ever. Optimal wellness comes from bringing balance to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  Her preferred modalities in channeling this holistic work include Chinese medical palmistry, intuitive readings, mediumship, life coaching and medicinal herbs/teas. She is proud to be a third-generation retail business owner as a single mother of three.